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$10 per classFrom $10 per visit with Performance Based Mobility and Movement Series passNo purchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $10
Performance Based Mobility and Movement Series $98.04 • 10 visits •

Mobility Class- Mobility class is based on deep stretching focusing on your heavily used joints. We are focused on improving range of motion in these joints and tight surrounding structures to improve form, technique, decrease compensation on other muscles and help to decrease joint and muscle pain. If you find yourself with achy joints (Knees, ankles, shoulders, hips, thoracic spine) poor range of motion, bad movement mechanics during exercises, this is a crucial focus to improve performance in your CrossFit classes.

Power Flow- Power Flow is a athletic based movement class. It focuses on stretching, core strength, balance, isometric holds, and breathing technique. It helps elongate our muscles after days of strength and concentric contractions, and will help with muscle recovery, movement patterns, and core endurance. If you find yourself with tight muscles regularly, are looking to increase your flexibility or need some extra stretching and core strengthening, adding a few days of flow to your routine will be a perfect recovery day workout.

20 Personal training sessions $600 • 20 visits
SAS Weightlifting $73.53 every month • Unlimited visits
Red For Ed Summer Special $115 • Unlimited visits for 2 months • Summer special plan for educators not choosing or able to work for the summer session!
Complete Membership $147.06 every month • Unlimited visits
Individual Design $175 every month • Unlimited visits • Clients are assigned a coach who will be incharge of designing an individual program in line with the athletes specific goals and needs. Programming can be completed during all open gym periods. As well as class times as long as it does not directly interfer with the group.